Monday, March 11, 2013

Personal Vaporizers (E-Cigarettes) Revisited

You want to start using e-cigs?  This is everything you should do to get a cost-effective excellent system in your hands that will keep you using it and hopefully (although e-cigs are not sold as smoking cessation devices) quit smoking.  If you're not currently a smoker, then don't use any of this stuff ever.  (How's THAT for a disclaimer!)  If you are currently a smoker, this should be better for you than smoking, but it might not be.  So use at your own risk.  (Double disclaimer!)

There are so many choices out there for e-cigarettes, that it's kinda difficult to wade through all the hype.  They've also been around long enough now that the information about a lot of things is no longer current.  I recommend only looking at reviews and info that's no more than a year old.  Look for that when you're investigating things.  If you're reading this after March of 2014, then disregard it all and find a different blog post from someone else.

Now, with all that crap out of the way, let's get into it. 

If you learn nothing more from this post, learn this: Avoid the kits at your gas station.  Most of them are Blu and NJoy and Fin.  There are far better options out there that are more likely to keep you on the e-cig path rather than make you all discouraged because your crappy e-cig kit cost you a fortune and doesn't work well.  Feel free to get a Blu disposable and try it, but know that the kits I list below will work FAR better than anything you're bound to come across at a convenience store.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I bought the 510 kit from  Shawn shipped it to me from Texas to New York in two days.  Two.  Ordered on 3/9, received on 3/11.  Two damn days.  The guy is fast.

Sample Clearomizer Pic
I also picked up a 900 mah Ego battery (made by Smoktech) at my local shop along with a no-name clearomizer similar to the Vision CE4. (Link for example)  I also picked up some Johnson Creek smoke juice at my local shop.

So I try everything. 

The 510 kit has cartridges and atomizers and looks like it might be a bit leaky overall.  It works great and is small.  The batteries charge quickly.  The draw on it is incredible.  It's a great system.  Plus there are sealed clearomizers for this system as well elsewhere on the internet. (If Shawn ever gets them in stock on ZeeCigs, it'll be a near-perfect setup.)

The Ego battery with the clearomizer is easy to fill, and definitely does not leak.  I can see how much liquid is in there and it's going to last me a long while.  The battery lasts a long time.  (Been using it for 6 hours straight and it's still going.)  And from what I've read it will recharge quickly too.

For you, what you should get depends on three questions:
  1. How big of an e-cigarette are you going to be comfortable using?
  2. How long do you need the battery to last
  3. If you need it to last a long time and want a small e-cigarette - which of these two items is more important?
Shawn's 510 Kit

The 510

The 510 is compact.  Just slightly larger than an actual cigarette.  It's like a Camel Wide 100 if they make such a thing.  The battery should last you a couple of hours.  As long as you have access to electricity then you can always keep your second battery charged and ready. Shawn sells the budget kit for $39.75 right now.

The Ego

Shawn's Ego 1100 Kit
The Ego is big.  And I suggest you go even bigger than mine if you go this route.  Shawn has an 1100-mah kit for $59.95 on ZeeCigs.  (Select the 1100 model from the drop-down and it adds $5 to the normal price)  Rule of thumb is that the bigger the battery the longer it lasts.  If you're going this route you probably want this thing to last a long time. 


You're going to want a clearomizer no matter what you get.  Just my honest humble opinion.  To me it seems like the best way to vape.  So I recommend you go back to Smoken Joey (remember him from my previous post?)  SJ has clearomizers for both setups.  I recommend you get a few of each type so you can fill them up with various flavors and whatnot.  They're out of stock today, but Joey told me that he's going to have them back in stock within a week or two.  And they're Kanger brand. Just as Joyetech is the name for batteries, Kanger seems to be highly-regarded for clearomizers.  I'll be ordering up as many M3 and T3 units from SJ that I can. 


The 510 batteries have 510 threads.  The Ego batteries have 510 threads that the cartridges attach to, and larger "ego" threads that the cover attaches to.  The Kangar T3 clearomizer attaches to the "ego" threads.  There are shops out there that sell adapters for the 510 batteries so that you can use "ego" threaded accessories on them.  My local shop has them as well.  Just look for 510 ego adapter and you'll probably find someone selling one somewhere.


Shawn's e-liquid is made in the USA.  I ordered the sampler pack with my 510 kit.  I recommend you do likewise.  It gives you a bunch of different flavors to try and they're all very good quality.  I'll be ordering more liquid from him in the future.


Too long, didn't read?  Oh well.  I guess you missed a bunch of good info.

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  1. Shawn @ ZeeCigs informed me today that he will begin selling clearomizers soon. Both Shawn and Smoken Joey have great customer service and have answered my emails within hours. Both are great people to deal with and I will continue to highly recommend them to everyone.